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The Holy See –

This the Vatican’s home page and is undoubtedly one of the most popular Catholic Web sites.

The old-fashioned word See in its title refers to the site or seat or centre of poser and authority in the Church. Visitors are greeted with the Papal coat of arms and a picture of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.   

 Vatican Exhibit

This the site of Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture, an exhibit at the Library of Congress. It presents some 200 of the Vatican Library’s most precious manuscripts, books, and maps, many of which played a key role in the humanist recovery of the classical heritage of Greece and Rome.

 Tour the Vatican

 Tour the Sistine Chapel

Other Links

 Catholic Information Centre on Internet (CICI)

Founded under the Holy See Observer Mission to the United Nations, the CICI provides a focus for Catholic connectivity. The site says it is working to build “the world’s most extensive database of Catholic dioceses, parishes, clergy, schools, resources and organisations for World Wide Web and email addresses”.

Local Links

 Catholic Enquiry Centre

Founded in 1959 by the Australian Bishops – for better knowledge of Christ and the Catholic Church in our nation. The Catholic Enquiry Centre is a national organisation, an outreach of the Australian Bishops. The Centre is committed to evangelisation, to the promotion of ecumenical understanding for interested persons who are not Catholic. The Centre also seeks to be of benefit to Catholics who may be seeking a return to faith practice.

 Catholic Mission

Catholic Mission is the Australian arm of the Church’s global mission aid agency in a world-wide network known as the Pontifical Mission Societies. For more than 180 years Catholic Mission has been working to make this dream a reality with communities in over 160 countries by educating about mission and justice, engaging Australians in global mission, partnering local churches and communities, fostering local church leadership and encouraging children and adults to care for children

 Natural Family Planning Program

The NFP Program is funded by the Commonwealth Government and administered by the NFP Board of Management on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Australia.

Their mission is to contribute to the sexual and reproductive health of the Australian community by providing within the Catholic tradition, a natural, non-interventionist alternative in fertility management.

Catholic Education Office, Parramatta

Phone (02) 9840 5600

 Catholiccare Parramatta – We offer a range of services to the local community including relationship counselling and related courses for couples, individuals and children; marriage preparation courses and marriage enrichment; financial and gambling counselling; mental health programs; support groups and education for those dealing with grief or separation.  We also run a range of social services such as Blacktown Neighbour Aid and as well as being here to help you, we are always looking for help from the community in the form of volunteers.   

Phone: (02) 9933 0222


 Diocese of Parramatta

Directory of Parishes and Ministries.               Phone (02) 9683 6277.

 Australian Catholic Bishops

 Australian Catholic University


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Lots of helpful information about life-options and how to make informed decisions. Also, contact the Diocese of Parramatta Vocation Centre | 9623 2578

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