Catholic Inquiries


Welcome ... the door is open.

The Catholic community is ready to welcome and accompany you on your journey towards Christ as a member of the Catholic Church.

It is the Holy Spirit who has led you this far and it is the Holy Spirit who will invite you to open your heart and your life to God.

The Catholic community will assist you on your journey. The Parish Priest and all the members of the Catholic community will be your companions

and your guides.

As your journey progresses, you will also meet with your Bishop and the wider Catholic community.

The journey consists of periods of formation and information, interspersed with the celebration of faith filled and moving rituals.

Its an incredible journey that you are called to undertake under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This is a life - transforming journey; a journey that begins with the first step of contacting the Parish Office or the RCIA Coordinator as indicated on the brochure


The door is open ......... come on in !

Click here for more information. Complete the form and lodge it at the Parish Office.